16th Castle Meeting - New Trends on Paleo, Rock and Environmental Magnetism

Dates: 10 – 16 June 2018, Chęciny, Poland

 Short course on rock magnetism applied to structural geology - preliminary title

 Dates 7 - 10 June 2018 Chęciny, Poland

Participants 20 undergraduate / postgraduate students

The "Biennial Castle Meetings" New Trends on Rock, Palaeo and Environmental Magnetism, held for 30 years, have become a success story attracting researchers from all over the world. The relaxing ambience enables easy a
nd intense exchange of existing knowledge and insights into new trends in palaeo-/archaeomagnetism, magnetostratigraphy, rock and environmental magnetism and adjacent disciplines.

 The Castle meetings are thus an attracting place, motivating and supporting young generation of scientists. Therefore young researchers, such as PhD students and PostDocs, are strongly encouraged to seize this opportunity and present the results of their studies.

 Therefore, we have no special preference and original contributions dealing with any of the following topics are welcome:

  • Rock magnetism and its physical background;
  • Rock magnetism applied to activities with potential economic interest (e.g., mineralization processes and hydrocarbon exploration);
  • Palaeomagnetism and dating (archaeomagnetism, palaeointensity, secular variation, magnetostratigraphy, excursions…);
  • Palaeomagnetism and/or marine magnetic anomalies applied to tectonics;
  • Coupling between palaeomagnetic data and geodynamo models;
  • Environmental magnetism;
  • Magnetic record of global changes;
  • Rock magnetic fabrics – new frontiers;
  • New Techniques and approaches;
  • Assessment of the quality of the palaeomagnetic and rock-magnetic data;
  • etc…
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