Room reservations should be made on the meeting website using the Registration link.
Dates of room reservations during the meeting days:
  • from 10/11th to 15/16th of June, 2018
  • room reservation for short course is not needed
European Centre for Geological Education

Korzecko 1C
26-060 Chęciny
tel. 793 162 933

Location on the map

There are 78 guest rooms available in the ECEG Venue: 25 single rooms and 53 double rooms, for a total number of 131 participants. Rooms are located in the C, D and E buildings as shown on the map in the VENUE bookmark. All rooms are of tourist standard. Rooms in C-building are slightly and air-conditioned. All are provided with single beds and include: Private Bathroom, Bathtub, Free Parking. A self service coffee and tea bar is available in the C-building. Electric kettles are not allowed in rooms.

All prices are given per person and night (VAT not applicable):
50 PLN ‒ 1 bed in shared double room, in D and E buildings (70 beds available in 35 rooms)
60 PLN – 1 bed in shared double room, in C-building (36 beds available in 18 rooms)
90 PLN ‒ single room, in D and E buildings (25 rooms)
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