• Bus transport from/to Cracow (Balice) airport as the main meeting point will be provided with some supplementary transport from/to Warsaw Chopin airport

  • Bus from Cracow airport  departures on Sunday 10th June around 5 pm (or slightly later). 

  • Bus from Warsaw Chopin airport departures at 5 pm. Please plan your  arrival accordingly.

  • Any arrivals to Modlin airport please notify LOC promptly!
  • Later transportation from Cracow is arranged.
  • Car transport from Cracow: 7 pm - for T. Brendt; E.Tema; A Rapalini;
  • Car transport from Cracow: after 11 pm for K Fabian; C Nichols;
  • Plan of Cracow Balice airport (arrivals) -look for Castle meeting logo

  • Arrival-Cracow

  • Plan of Warsaw Chopin airport - arrivals - look for Castle meeting logo

  • Arrival-Warsaw

  • We plan that the return buses  from Chęciny to Cracow and Warsaw departure on Saturday 16th around 8.30  to  reach Cracow airport before 11 a.m and Warsaw airport around noon.  
  • Some very limited earlier return transportation will be arranged.(S Satolli, K. Falcon; D. Rey; T Berndt; E. Tema)
  • Chęciny can be accessed by air, car and train

  • International airports  in Cracow (120 km away) and in Warsaw (200 km)  with several regular and  low costs air carriers (e.g. Wizz, Ryanair, Easyjet)

  • Expressway S7 to Warsaw and Cracow (under reconstruction)

  • Train connections to Kielce (15km away) – 3h travel to Warsaw, 1.5h to Cracow

  • Some international bus connections to Kielce.

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